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"Working with Chris has been deeply transformational.  


I felt comfortable from the moment I met him. He has been encouraging and exacting, systematic and intuitive. He has always had a sense of where my edge is - when it is time to push through and when it is time to ease up while teaching me how to do both.  


I've noticed, as have others, that I look and feel markedly better. I am becoming increasingly toned, I have more stamina, and my posture continues to improve. And I enjoy the training so much!..."

Olivia Canter

"I could not recommend Chris more highly as a Gyrotonic teacher. He is totally focused and professional and is brilliant at adapting the technique to your individual requirements.


I started sessions with Chris nine months ago following a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been amazed at the progress I have made since in terms of regaining joint and muscle strength as well as confidence..."

Aileen Scott

Lucy C.

"For me the Gyrotonic experience is a continuing journey. Chris has helped hugely with my back, opening the thoracic area in my spine which felt like it had become stuck, also opening the lower back and helping to strengthen and flatten my shoulder blades as well as improve spinal rotation for sport such as golf.

I would not hesitate to recommend Chris. He is highly professional, a clear communicator, being a trained dancer his knowledge base is second to none and he achieves results by allowing the body to move in its most natural form..."

"Much of spring and summer ’18 was spent working with various Gyrotonic instructors in London; an innovative practice I first experienced five years earlier. Whilst all of them were good, the minute Chris started, I knew he was the right choice for me.

And, in my case, a frozen shoulder that I’d benignly learnt to live with, has disappeared after just four sessions. With full motion back, I’m certainly happy to endorse Chris – his focus on you is total, as is his attention to detail and determination to improve your physical well-being."

Paul Davies

"I had practiced Gyrotonic for many years before working with Chris, but during our first session together I felt at home and free from all worries of making the perfect movement.


This has been immediately visible in my general mobility, all the tensions have been loosened and the creaking of my bones has disappeared.

I would definitely recommend working with Chris because the wellbeing he helps to reach lasts beyond the single session and it’s reflected in everyday life."

Elettra Gallo

"A friend recommended I try Gyrotonic three years ago - I immediately fell in love with it and have been practicing the method since.

From our very first session, Chris was amazing. He was very aware and very attentive to what I wanted to achieve from our training, tailoring our sessions around this. My body responded very well and I could see results almost immediately."

Nikki Harding

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