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Chris Darmanin Gyrotonic

Over the years Chris has worked with a vast number of individuals, from athletes and professional dancers, to movement beginners and chronic pain sufferers.

After sustaining an injury during the early stages of his dance career, it was the frustration of countless consultations, rehabilitative treatments, and eventually surgery with no sustainable progress, that led him to the Gyrotonic Method.

He now works with clients to bring lasting change to their bodies, not only through the physical training but also through education around movement and a deeper understanding of their unique physical structure. This knowledge lasts a lifetime and can be applied to anything that requires movement, which you will find yourself doing more of as you will begin to feel better than ever before once you've rediscovered physical harmony.

Exercise must be tailored for every individual and unique body, which is why every session is designed around the client's needs and goals. Chris teaches with great passion for breaking through current limitations and improving our quality of life through optimal physical health.

We get one body, and it needs to last a lifetime.


Eleonora’s passion for health and wellbeing comes from over a decade of practice in Yoga and Gyrotonic exercise. It was through her professional dance career in Milan that she came to discover the Gyrotonic method, and she immediately fell in love. After going on to deepen her practice, Eleonora wanted to share and spread the amazing benefits of the method through teaching.


Since then, her passion for continuous research has urged her to explore the Gyrotonic method and Yoga extensively. Every session is delivered with an uplifting and motivating energy which will soon have you as passionate about Gyrotonic exercise as she is.

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