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  • The BLACKROLL® BALL 12 helps with point-by-point self-massage of all parts of the body


  • Ideal for addressing individual back muscles and areas


  • Can be used on the table, on the floor, or against the wall


  • Ideal for point-by-point self-massage and less intensive than the BLACKROLL® 08 due to its larger support surface


With its 12 cm diameter, this ball is just what you need for point-by-point self-massage of different areas of the body. It's larger than the BLACKROLL® BALL 08, so it's less intensive. That means it's particularly good for severely hardened and adhered areas. However, it's still small enough to access hard-to-reach areas of the body, for example on the back.






The BLACKROLL® BALL is available in two different sizes – 8 cm and 12 cm. The two products are perfect when used together. You can massage points with the 8 cm ball and larger areas with the 12 cm ball, so individual muscles or entire areas of the body can be targeted with the perfect intensity


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