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Handpicked for You.

To help you stay comfortable and productive at your workstation, I have teamed up with Back In Action to offer you £25 off a selection of my favourite chairs that I have personally tried and tested. 

We are all different, so you will find a range of options available - if you are not sure which chair would be best suited for you, reach out here, so that we can arrange a call to discuss and find your best fit.

Varier Move
FROM £311 -£25

Easy to use, portable, and with a gas lift, the curved base allows the Move to adopt a tilting angle that follows your body's differing positions.

The Move stool is an original design, specifically constructed to move in response to the body through an extended range of movement.  Designed as a sit-stand stool for an active environment at work or home the height adjustable Move pairs perfectly with height adjustable desks. The softly edged seat comes in two sizes and the rounded base has a rubberised surface to ensure friction and to protect the floor.

The two sizes I recommend are:
Move Compact - Seat Height is Low to Medium (49-68 CM), Small seat & Small base
Move Small - Seat Height is Medium to High (56-82 CM), Small seat & Large base

Move Compact is my favourite: loads of movement, small, lightweight, and easily portable. 

The Swopper
FROM £470 -£25
Swopper-lifestyle-movement-light_h400 (1

It's hard to explain in writing just how much movement (and joy) this chair brings. 

Most users report improvements in wellbeing, concentration, productivity, energy and reduced back pain. This stool bounces on an adjustable spring and moves with the user in every direction (up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards). With acclimatisation it can be an incredible all day task chair.


Swopper Standard - Is an artificial leather only available in a Black. Great if used in a studio or workshop that might get paint or debris on the seat to wipe clean. 

Swopper Classic - comes with a choice of different materials including one of our favourites Comfort Fabric. This adds extra grip and feels great to sit on for many hours. All these fabrics look great in the home and come in a variety of colour choices and options.

Swopper High - Perfect for use with sit to stand for those taller than around 1.75metres  (5ft10").

HAG Sofi Mesh 7500
FROM £699 -£25

So good for creating forwards tilt - If you aren't familiar with the huge benefits of forwards tilt and what it can do for your spinal health, get in touch here.

  • The Sofi Mesh combines the comfort of a mesh backrest with the firm pelvis support of a foam seat - essential for maintaining healthy posture throughout a working day. 

  • Made with a free-flowing centre pivot tilt mechanism the Sofi Mesh allows easy low-level movement throughout your working day to reduce fatigue, increase muscle fitness, boost productivity - and its beautiful too.

  • Favourite feature - adjustable lumbar support.

Thatsit with Backrest - Natural Ash
FROM £849 -£25

Kneeling Chair with Backrest

We believe the Thatsit is the ultimate kneeling chair because it allows the most movement and offers the greatest support:

  • Adjustable backrest depth / angle

  • Great lumbar support

  • Adjustable backrest height

  • Adjustable leg supports to adjust for leg length: (5ft to 6ft4in)

  • Sprung, flexible shin pads to prevent shin pressure and allow extra movement

  • Elbow rests - to support the weight of the arms when sitting against the backrest

  • Suitable for a standard height desk / dining table (71-76cm)

  • 8-10hrs sitting thanks to high quality injection-molded foam + lots of movement + back support for tired moments

It allows for both active sitting and for a supported 'rest' position when leaning back to think or engage in a long phone conversation.

HAG Capisco Office Chair
FROM £749 -£25

One of the most unusual office chairs out there. In our own offices and showrooms this is the most commonly chosen chair.

This is a best seller for us so there's some wonderful colours in stock for next day delivery. We recommend a really hard wearing fabric on this like Comfort+ or Leather as this is a chair you will have for many years.

The HÅG Capisco design allows more variation in seated posture than any other chair on the market, and is also the only chair that is equally comfortable at standard desk height and semi-standing height. With optional 'StepUp' of Footring the Capisco can be used at full counter / lab bench / fix height standing desk height.

The unique seat design combined with a distinctive sculptured backrest supports you in a conventional sitting posture or in a 'Balans' posture, with thighs angled downwards, keeping the spine naturally straight.

It pairs beautifully with sit to standing desk which I've also included a option for below.

BIA Pro Electric Sit Stand Desk
FROM £871 -£25

The BackinAction electric height adjustable desks are designed for Sit to Stand working - sitting for portions of the day and standing for the rest.

Users world wide have seen improvements in their health and well being, increased productivity, decreased back pain and even weight loss. We find it is the combined ability to sit and stand that has the greatest benefits.

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